Scoliosis Surgery at Medical City Children's Hospital

Medical City Children’s Hospital has a dedicated group of experienced individuals, including anesthesiologists, nurses, spinal cord monitoring individuals and implant specialists that work with the surgical team to provide the best surgery experience possible. After surgery, children admitted to the intensive care unit have a dedicated team of nurses that are completely attentive to all of their needs. Our previous patients have reported vast improvement after scoliosis surgeries.

Scoliosis surgery for adolescents involves taking bones that are starting to grow crooked and making them straight so they can heal together. The scoliosis surgery keeps the curve from continuing to get bigger later on in adolescence or as an adult. Most pediatric patients are out of the hospital within three to four days with no type of post-operative brace immobilization. Most children are able to return to school within four weeks, non-contact sports within three months and full-contact sports within six months after surgery.

Life After Scoliosis Surgery

Most children return to sports and extracurricular activities within six months or less after scoliosis surgery. Scars are not visibly noticeable, and many children report increased self-confidence after scoliosis surgery. Children who have scoliosis surgery aren’t different from other children because there aren’t many restrictions after surgery. Pediatric patients don’t think a lot about their backs after returning to normal activity after surgery.