Advanced Scoliosis and Spine Care and Medical City Children’s Hospital

As one of the few facilities in the nation to offer spinal reconstructive surgery and revision surgery, Medical City Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive care individualized to meet patients’ specific needs. Led by Dr. Richard A. Hostin, MD, the Pediatric Scoliosis and Spine Program at Medical City Children’s Hospital utilizes advanced medical technologies that enable early diagnosis and treatment.

Patients of all ages are treated at Medical City Dallas Hospital and Medical City Children’s Hospital. Treating children and adults in one hospital allows us to provide continuing care with the same physicians and medical support teams from birth into adulthood. Children treated at Medical City Children’s Hospital can receive lifelong treatment without interruption.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

There usually aren’t a lot of symptoms of scoliosis in children. The first thing people usually notice is a cosmetic asymmetry of the spine such as chest rib prominence or a difference in waist creases. The lack of symptoms is why a school screening program for scoliosis exists. During the school screening, curves can be caught early before they are noticeable to families.

  • Difference in hips
  • Chest rib prominence - When you lean forward is one rib higher than the other?
  • Asymmetry with the entire spine
  • Difference in waist creases – one side dips more than the other