Pediatric Orthopedic Program Patient Disclosure

As a patient with a pediatric orthopedic or spinal condition, you have been directed to the Medical City Dallas Hospital Pediatric Orthopedic Program. Participating physicians maintain active medical staff privileges at Medical City Dallas Hospital and Medical City Children's Hospital and are credentialed at the Hospital to perform the services you requested. Participating physicians must additionally meet specific quality, educational, and training standards. They also must participate in quality outcome evaluation activities in order to evaluate the Program's activities and enhance the Program's ability to fulfill its core patient-centric mission. The physicians who participate in the Pediatric Orthopedic Program have  chosen to participate in this referral service and do not pay a fee to participate. Referrals are made to participating physicians on a rotational basis to match your individual needs with consideration for the preferences you have expressed.

Note that physicians who have a financial interest in any hospital that is not part of the Medical City Healthcare hospitals, or who are employed by a competitive health care system, are not eligible to participate in this referral service.