Medical City Children’s Hospital Maternal Fetal Institute

Unrivaled care for mothers and high-risk babies — under one roof.

Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas has a special place for expectant mothers of high-risk babies diagnosed with a congenital anomaly or birth defect: The Medical City Children’s Hospital Maternal Fetal Institute.

Medical City is the only hospital in North Texas where a mother can deliver her baby in the same facility that is able to treat and care for all the critical needs of the most medically fragile infants. The Medical City Children’s Hospital Maternal Fetal Institute provides customized care that includes congenital heart surgery, abdominal wall surgery, craniofacial surgery, neurological surgery and orthopedic surgery.

A Unique Program Joining Women’s and Children’s Services

The Maternal Fetal Institute at Medical City Children's Hospital is a unique program that joins the adult side of the hospital — the women’s hospital — with the children’s hospital. The program was specifically designed to focus on the care of moms pregnant with babies who’ve been diagnosed with congenital anomalies, or birth defects. The pregnancy itself may not be that complicated … the diagnosis is. A routine OB-GYN can take care of the pregnancy, but it takes a special program to care for moms and babies during this difficult time.

Our advanced fetal diagnosis and consultative care for high-risk pregnancies and births is based on what is best for mother and baby. We’ll work one-on-one with you and your referring physician to develop a comprehensive, customized treatment plan, including total transfer of obstetrical care if needed. Moms can recover with the peace of mind that the region’s leading pediatric hospital is just an elevator ride away.

Mothers and Babies are Never Separated at Medical City Children's Hospital

The Maternal Fetal Institute works with specialists from related fields — including congenital heart surgery, craniofacial, general surgery, hematology and oncology, nephrology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and more — to ensure your child receives the most comprehensive care possible. Should your child need it, our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides the highest level of care in Dallas, and our dedicated children’s ER has private rooms with space for you to stay with your child.