André's Craniosynostosis Journey from Brazil 

André is a sweet Brazilian baby boy who was born with a serious health condition affecting his skull called craniosynostosis, which required surgery before he was one year old. After his initial surgery in Brazil did not correct this condition, his parents connected with the Craniofacial Center at Medical City Children's Hospital to have a second, corrective surgery. Now, André can grow up like any other toddler — without the fear sustaining serious brain injuries from everyday activities.

Collaborative Cleft Lip & Palate Treatment on One Campus

When Brent and Michelle Johnson found out during pregnancy that their son, Cade, would have a cleft lip and palate, their extensive research for the best care and treatment led them to Medical City Children’s Hospital and Dr. Craig Hobar, a craniofacial surgeon on the medical staff.

Like any parent of a cleft lip or cleft palate baby, the Johnsons worried about how this birth malformation would affect their son’s life. Unlike most other parents in this situation, Michelle’s pregnancy was at high risk for complications since Cade’s twin brother had developed major birth defects while in the womb. Exemplifying Medical City’s commitment to its patients, Dr. Hobar and his team began their journey with the Johnsons before Cade and his twin were born, meeting with the Johnsons to ease their fears and give them hope.

“Anyone with a cleft baby needs to come to Dr. Hobar because he and the team are the best of the best. All of these wonderful people were here in this one place – we didn’t have to go here and there.” – Michelle Johnson