A Valuable Partner to Your Practice

Our unwavering focus on pat ient care can make the difference whether you’re referring a patient to a specialist or looking for the best place to practice your specialty. For referring physicians, Medical City Children’s Hospital uses the latest technology, instantaneous reports and extensive follow-up to deliver superior care to your patients—and keep you fully informed.

That’s why physicians who refer patients to Medical City Children’s Hospital feel confident that they're giving their patients access to one of the leading pediatric hospitals in North Texas and across the nation. Congenital heart. Craniofacial. Neurosciences. Hematology. Oncology. Nephrology. Orthopedics. We can do it all more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

We strive to offer comprehensive care and convenience to our patients and visitors. See how our guest relations, managed care providers and accommodations will affect your patients.

Pediatric physicians who practice at Medical City Children’s Hospital find that the outstanding nursing staff and dedicated specialists create a collaborative environment. And they’re attracted to an organization that doesn’t allow anything to get in the way of patient care.