A message of support to the Orlando shooting healthcare providers and first responders:

As a community, we grieve the devastating and senseless loss of life that occurred in Orlando on June 12, 2016. We struggle to understand how a shooting could occur and why such a terrible thing would happen, but there may never be satisfactory answers to these questions.

As dedicated nurses and healthcare professionals, we can empathize and understand the extreme stress, trauma and anguish that our fellow colleagues in Orlando must be working through – as they continue to provide excellent care to their recovering community.

We diligently train and prepare for disaster events, but nothing can fully prepare a person for tragedies like the one in Orlando. I can only imagine the incredible amount of courage and strength that the hospital staff has exhibited throughout the last three weeks since this tragedy. The Orlando healthcare first responders’ ability to unite and work together with a calm, heroic demeanor and a sense of professionalism during this crisis is something that we can all aspire to accomplish every day in every interaction with our patients, colleagues and community.

We stand with Orlando and our healthcare colleagues, to whom we share this video of support and solidarity: