Innovative Sleeve and Wraps Will Benefit Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Medical City Children’s Hospital will host a press conference Thursday, January 21 at 2:30pm to receive a donation of 1,000 CareAline® Sleeves and Wraps from the Dallas Mavericks.

Founder Kezia Fitzgerald developed the CareAline® Sleeve and CareAline® Wrap out of necessity when her daughter was undergoing chemotherapy for neuroblastoma. Fearful that her infant daughter would cause an infection in or pull out her PICC and Central Lines, and frustrated that the tape typically used with these lines irritated her daughter’s skin, Kezia created the treatment-compatible sleeve and wrap to hold the lines in place.

All PICC and Central Lines need the kind of protection that the sleeves and wraps provided, and Kezia quickly realized that her daughter wasn’t the only patient with the issues.

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